You're Invited to My House Warming

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2018

Exciting times! I just became a new homeowner! Except there's one minor detail - I'm not literally a homeowner.

I've decided to settle online - and you're invited to my house warming!

My desire to live online started as early as birth. I was born of Filipino descent in Japan, and get this, I was born on American soil. From the very beginning, my definition of 'home' was anything but normal.

I was born into a military family. We moved multiple times throughout my early childhood years. Before I could fully process what was going on and establish some sense of 'home,' it was time to move again. Then life came to a screeching halt in 1998. At 10 years old, I received the news that I had lost my father.

We moved one more time before my mom became a traditional homeowner. But even though we finally had a physical home, my mind had a difficult time processing it. I had become hypersensitive to change, yet paranoid to settle.

A multitude of other transitions took place once again -...

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The New Slogan

Uncategorized Jan 15, 2018

After much thought, brainstorming and mind mapping, I figured out my new slogan:

My old brand name came with a simple description: social media marketing for small businesses. Then, it evolved to: project management for online marketing services.

In my coming out story, I share how my new logo empowers me to grow my brand unapologetically and imperfectly. I'm excited to share that my new slogan also shares those values for my clients.

Let me break it down for you:

Empowering businesses to go online and grow online.


Through Jen Amos Consulting, I want to enable our clients to take control of their online businesses. Part of this involves working with clients who are (or aspire to be) proactive, self motivated, and generally DIY-ers. They're hard workers that could use the occasional 'check up.' Overall, they choose to be in control of their vision and seek guidance on what to do, delete or delegate when needed. They come to us for guidance or...

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My Coming Out Story

Uncategorized Jan 01, 2018

Before the end of 2012, I was fired from two jobs in one day. These two jobs meant that I was fired for the third time in my adult life.

But before the new year arrived, I decided to pick myself back up after a whole weekend of crying to start professional networking.

Naturally I was self-conscious. I thought I was too young - it didn’t help that I already looked young (still do but I’ve embraced it. Lol). I also felt too inexperienced and not very confident about what I was selling at the time. But there was no turning back, so I sucked it up. I made a ton of connections, and I actively sought out leadership positions to stand out. ‍

One of the leadership positions was a Social Media Chair. I wholeheartedly embraced it and even kept that position for 2-3 years. ‍ During my term, I was asked out of the blue, “So how much do you charge for your services?” ”…You mean social media?” I asked. I hadn’t thought about...

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