The New Slogan

Uncategorized Jan 15, 2018

After much thought, brainstorming and mind mapping, I figured out my new slogan:

My old brand name came with a simple description: social media marketing for small businesses. Then, it evolved to: project management for online marketing services.

In my coming out story, I share how my new logo empowers me to grow my brand unapologetically and imperfectly. I'm excited to share that my new slogan also shares those values for my clients.

Let me break it down for you:

Empowering businesses to go online and grow online.


Through Jen Amos Consulting, I want to enable our clients to take control of their online businesses. Part of this involves working with clients who are (or aspire to be) proactive, self motivated, and generally DIY-ers. They're hard workers that could use the occasional 'check up.' Overall, they choose to be in control of their vision and seek guidance on what to do, delete or delegate when needed. They come to us for guidance or resources to take one step closer to their vision.


Although we can work with various types of small businesses, my heart goes out to those whom I can relate to the most: independent contractors, freelancers, home-based businesses, and 'solopreneurs.' With our new brand, we provide more services that still work for businesses with bigger marketing budgets, but especially accommodate those with smaller budgets.

" go online..."

We work with businesses that are ready to take their next steps to market online. Next steps can involve a consultation or creating something new such as a brand, a website, social media presence, and much more.

"... and grow..."

Whether you are a new or established online business, there's always room to grow. Through Jen Amos Consulting, we provide access to online marketing consultation, development, group coaching, self-guided educational programs, and much more. You can always retake our Online Marketing Checklist to gauge where you're at and to see where you can expand.


I know, I said 'online' twice already. That's because I've lived online since I was 13 years old! This was before MSN chat rooms were shut down - yep, I was there. In fact, it was thanks to the online friends I made in MSN Chat rooms that I learned how to type. As an introvert, I had found the online space to be a comfortable form of communication, connection and community. 17 years later, I still feel the same.

So tell me... is your business ready to go online or grow online? Click here to fill out our checklist or click here to schedule a 15-minute initial call today!

With Love,

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