Frustrated that you haven’t heard back from your online marketing expert in days - let alone weeks?! Tired of jumping from one online marketing freelancer to the next? Need an accountability partner to help you decide what marketing tasks to do, delete or delegate?

With Jen Amos Consulting, you can find a dependable partner to help you project manage your online presence until you’re ready to hire in-house. We offer full-service for young to established businesses in the online marketing space.

SINCE MARCH 2013, our clientele has mainly come from word-of-mouth and social media marketing. We thank the professional relationships we’ve made along the journey for our stable growth. Whether you are a growing or an established brand, we believe that it takes the right team with qualified skills to make your online presence look seamless and here to stay. We strive to do our role behind the scenes so that you can focus on why you got into business in the first place. We create tailored strategies and personally assemble teams for our clients because we believe that there is no one-size-fits-all plan for all businesses. Here’s what to expect when you first inquire about our services...


  1. THE DISCOVERY CALL - We first start by getting a brief understanding of your brand and your online objectives. We’ll know then and there if our partnership is a good fit for you. To get a head start, you’re welcome to fill out our Online Marketing Checklist. We’ll review your answers, then reach out within three business days!
  2. THE PROPOSAL - Our Creative Director will chat with our team about our initial call and present a tailored proposal for you within five business days. Throughout these five days, some of our specialists might give you a call to clarify your needs. It’s important for us to make sure that we provide the right services with the right talent for you. If it takes us longer than five business days to send your our proposal, you will get 5% off your total invoice!
  3. YOUR ANSWER - Once the proposal is sent, we’ll schedule an appointment to review the details with you and help you decide on your next steps.
  4. IT'S GO TIME! - Based in our agreement, we’ll send you the first invoice and implement the first phase of our agreement!


JEN AMOS likes to describe herself as a simple solopreneur, an introspective millennial, and social media enthusiast. She has been recognized for her exceptional organizational skills and history of team leadership as early as her high schools days as varsity and team captain of her track & field team (of 200+ athletes!) to working as an executive director for a non-profit that supported local small businesses in her early adult years.

Jen found her home in the social media industry when she first began as a blogger in 2002. In 2008, Jen started to work with nonprofits and small businesses implementing social media marketing campaigns. Finding her passion in the digital space, she graduated San Diego State University in 2011 with a Bachelor’s in Journalism emphasis Public Relations and an Educational Technology minor. Social Turtles officially began in March 2013 when she saw the demand for social media marketing services amongst her professional colleagues.

Though the foundation and heart of her business continue to revolve around social media, Jen quickly discovered that she couldn’t tackle the demands of online marketing alone. Thanks to her humility and openness, the company quickly expanded to a full-service online marketing agency with a global network of online marketing experts. Everything offered on our site is thanks to a strategically hand-picked affiliate. And if that’s not enough, Jen continues to build her network of digital marketing gurus to ensure that clients are working with the most qualified team. Today, Jen mainly serves as the Executive Creative Director for her global team and has personally worked with nearly 100 brands since Social Turtles began. The following is a growing list of businesses she's worked with:

  • Accounting
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Authors
  • Consultants
  • Cosmetology
  • Dental Services
  • Education
  • Event Coordinating
  • Financial Services
  • Fitness
  • General Contractors
  • Insurance
  • Legal Services
  • Life Coaching
  • Memberships
  • Mobile Apps
  • Network Marketing
  • Non-Profits
  • Other Digital Agencies
  • Publications
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Travel Agents
  • Nutrition & Wellness
  • Veteran-Owned

Jen’s been featured in local media outlets such as The Living East, TheFilipinoAmerican(dot)com, Our Hometown Magazine, Fearless CommunicatorsThe ASIAN Reader, The Star NewsThe San Diego Union Tribune, and NBC 7 San Diego. May 2014, she was the youngest keynote speaker for the San Diego State University Filipino Graduation Ceremony. Jen was also a recipient of the Emerging Leader Award at the Philippine Library & Historical Heritage Museum’s Fiesta Filipiniana 2015.

2017 is a year of exploring Jen’s first passion project. She founded and hosts TFAW Project, which celebrates the Filipino American woman through sharing their unique stories. In the professional community, Jen is the public relations officer of the South Bay San Diego Leads Club and an appointed member of the Youth Campaigns Digital Marketing Advisory Board. Outside of business, Jen enjoys listening to podcasts regarding spirituality, personal development, and her favorite TV shows. She also enjoys creating memories with her new little family - her fiancé and rescued fur baby, Stuggi the Dog.


Online marketing is complicated. It’s even more complicated when you’re doing it alone or can’t seem to find the right team to work with. We get it. At the end of the day, our ultimate goal is to:

  • Be responsive - we’re not called “Social Ghosts” for a reason.
  • Provide a qualified team you can work with until you’re ready to hire in-house.
  • Be your accountability partner and help you decide what marketing tasks need to be done, deleted or delegated.

Click here to schedule your discovery call today. You can also call/text us at (619) 621-8766, email Jen at [email protected] or click here to fill out our checklist (we’ll review your answers and respond within three business days).


“Turtles” was inspired by Jen’s pet turtles, which represented Simplicity, Consistency and Patience. Then, just as she was about to file the business fictitious name, she chose to add “Social,” which represented Relationships, Collaboration and Connection. Thus, Social Turtles became an officially licensed business in March 2013.  



Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. - Henry Ford

Marketing is ever-changing, and there is simply just not one person that can know or do it all. This is why we value collaboration. We bring on strategic partners depending on the goals and budget of your marketing efforts. We will have our executive director as the main point of contact to manage the relationship between your team and ours.


Do what you can with what you have where you are. - Theodore Roosevelt

Social Turtles comes from humble beginnings, so we understand firsthand what it means to bootstrap. Based in our discovery call, we’ll recommend the best use of your time, money and resources.


Call it a clan. Call it a network. Call it a tribe. Call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one. - Jane Howard

Social Turtles was built through the power of word-of-mouth marketing - and we continue to succeed by this. Together, we’ll start with where we’re at, rather than where we think we should be. We believe this philosophy starts with relationships. From our initial call to our first quarter of working together, we’ll discover together if we’re a good fit for your short-term or long-term marketing goals.


You can't rush something you want to last forever. - Kushand Wizdom

All good business comes in good time. If you’re looking for immediate sales, we are not the company for you. Although we are a team of independent contractors, we prefer working with long-term clients. Social Turtles first started by offering social media marketing services, so our fundamental values are relational - and relationships take time. We do not market to robots, we market to everyday human beings as you and I. Working with us comes with the understanding that both of our businesses are here for the long haul.


Experience doesn't make you wiser. Evaluated experience makes you wiser. - Andy Stanley

Part of our work is to learn with you and have you to learn with us.  Learning requires a cycle of evaluating, planning, and implementing your marketing efforts. Your vision and our implementation are vital to the success of marketing your business.


Success is handmade. - Jen Amos

With the combined creative expertise of our team, we strive to create and implement an online presence unique and effective to your business.


Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation. - Zig Ziglar

Although traditional ROI is important to anyone’s bottom line, Social Turtles incorporates, most importantly, modern ROI: social influence. We will work with you to understand the power of social influence today and include it as imperative data to our progress reports.


FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Successful. - Unknown

It's our executive director's mission is to ensure that all of your online marketing efforts and experts involved are working harmoniously toward one main goal. With our organizational skills and sensitivity to individual personalities, we’ll help you identify distractions and focus on what’s important.

Learn more about our values at https://www.pinterest.com/socialturtles/


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