Jen Amos Consulting wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for the amazing clients and colleagues I've had the pleasure of working with throughout the years!

- Dan Harris Co-Owner Profits Marketing Group

"I heard a lot of great testimonials from others about Jen and came to find out that working with her was a great experience. Her services of developing my first WordPress website was excellent. I learned a lot about marketing strategies through social media. I appreciated her transparency and how we had very clear, written out expectations. Jen Amos is awesome. I can always expect her to have great resources. She's a great networker, connector and servant leader."

- Jeff Rollon, Success Coach

"If you're looking for someone to work with, look no further. I chose to work with Jen Amos because of her responsiveness, reliability and knowledge."

- Michael Monaco, Publisher of Our Hometown Magazine

"Jen has an intense knowledge of the digital marketing world. She can develop a high level strategy while constantly offering the most up-to-date tactics. Jen is fun to work with, very accommodating and always helpful. She always made sure that all tasks were done accordingly, and she will go the extra mile just to help. Overall, Jen is a great person to work with and I would always want to work with her if she still needs assistance!"

- Annette Mendoza, AM Consulting

"Jen Amos has been a pleasure to work with and network with. I have been able to generate clients and lifelong friends from her referrals and introductions to like-minded individuals. Jen is a passionate expert in her field and easy to work with. Her services helped alleviate a part of my business that I wanted to outsource. I liked her proactive communication and approval process of social media posts. Overall, working with Jen was easy and effective."

- Mike Blair, Entrepreneur

"Jen is a true professional in her field of work. But at the same time, she is a good listener and tries to adjust to the needs of her clients. There are numerous reasons as to why I enjoy working with Jen, but what stands out the most is her patience and willingness to guide me with unique ideas and marketing skills to further develop my business. I got the impression that she truly cared about the success of my website, and that level of trust is extremely important to me."

- Steve Randel, HispanicHorizons.com

"I chose Jen to work with based on her professionalism and keen eye for detail. Her interpersonal skills are the best. When working with her, I have appreciated her timeliness to respond to concerns. Her care for customers is the best hands down. I have referred others and they have all felt that she raises the bar when it comes to customer satisfaction."

- Hilton Williams

"I choose to work with Jen Amos because of her story and passion for building a business though social media. I appreciated how well she was able to listen to my ideas that seemed so complex to me and turn it into manageable steps that I could take action right away. She's very knowledgeable about social media marketing and branding because she continues learning the trends and changes in this field and able to share it with her clients. Also she has a strong team dedicated to help anyone starting a business from scratch. The best thing about working with Jen is her personality. She cares and is very easy to build an instant connection with. Jen's a wonderful person, and she cares deeply for her clients success above everything else."

- Eichan, CEO of Eikawaii.com

"Jen's an expert at what she does. She's very easy to communicate and work with. She likes to plan things out so I can visually see what we're doing. She helped me grow my business on social media by mapping out a lot of content, scheduling it, and periodically followed up for updates and corrections. She taught me that even I have to follow through with providing content. I can't just expect her to post things that I never informed her about. Overall, working with her was great!" 

- Albert A. CFO of Servpro of Chula Vista

"Jen Amos is incredibly knowledgeable about up-to-date trends with social media and if she doesn’t know the answer to something she will find the answer and sit down with you to teach you what she learned. She’s easy to talk to and easy to work with. The main lesson I learned was what online marketing strategies work and that it does take time to see results. Marketing must be done consistently and not just once. Jen is great at setting up and scheduling targeted marketing ads up to a month out so you don’t have to spend every day marketing. It definitely frees up some time doing it this way."

- Jennifer Dabu, Licensed Acupuncturist and Owner of DoAcupuncture

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